17 December 2011

Hi Jeff,

Just love the photographs, Durham in particular and the girls r just beautiful. U have hidden talents!

Janice X

Many thanks for the beautiful Christmas card.
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Janice Peagam

Contact from Down Under

26 January 2011

Hi Guys
Great photos, brings back great memories.
Thank you for the card, send your email so i can contact you.
Love Sandra and Gang Down Under
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Sandra Rippon


19 October 2009

Spiffy little website
Lets see more photos !!!
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Bill Norman

nice work

22 August 2008

hello jeff we met on durham bridge last week, i have checked your website out and i really like the pictures you have on there, like the snowy scences in durham, the portraits and the seascape, and the wine bottle it would be nice to see a few more images on there so get your finger out lol all the best darren t.
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darren taylor


26 July 2008

Hi Jeff

Checked out your site and love your photos. Looking forward to your gallery growing as i think you're going to have some fab stuff on here!!!

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Rob Ludlow

Stormy seas

23 June 2008

Love all the photo's especially stormy seas. Will be a regular visitor to see the portfolio develop. Would you consider supplying christmas cards with your photographs.
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barbara chambers

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